I want to make sure I hear the views of as many people in South Shropshire as possible. While it is clear coronavirus is the most pressing challenge for the government to address, and is covered below, I would appreciate your views on a range of issues affecting the country.

Please take a minute to complete this survey and return it to me, so I can better represent all of my constituents in Westminster. Thank you.

About You

1. How do you feel about the UK’s future now we have formally left the EU with a smooth transition period?

2. What do you consider the top post-Brexit domestic priority for the government?

3. How do you feel the government is handling the Coronavirus Covid19 situation?

4. We now know the confirmed candidates for Labour leader. If you had to pick, who would you prefer to be leader?

5. Do you think Scotland should have another referendum on independence?

6. At the 2019 General Election, who did you vote for?

7. Do you want to take part in the PM’s revitalization of our country, in which case, would you be interested in:

8. To learn results of this survey and receive updates from me on developments in Westminster, complete your details above and select this box below:

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